What we’re doing about Coronavirus

Last week, I sent out a newsletter sharing my own fears that have been coming up and asked you, “What do you need right now?”

From the survey, we saw three trends.

First, you’ve said you need specific meditations to work with what is happening in the world. We’re working with several of the teachers on the Liberate app to come up with meditations. We are working with both teachers that identify as Black and/or of the African Diaspora and other POC teachers as well.

Second, you’ve said you need community and connection. Which is why we are launching an experiment. For the next 5 days (March 23rd-28th) , Monday thru Friday, @ 12pm EST for 45 minutes, we’ll come together to meditate, share what came up for each other, and hold space for each other. This is for if you identify as BIPOC only and we will be centering those that identify as Black and apart of the African Diaspora – we ask you respect this – thanks!

We’ll start promptly at 12pm EST so I’d recommend having the zoom app installed on your phone or already setup on your computer/laptop. Have a pair of headphones ready as well as I will be picking a meditation from Liberate and playing the audio directly through zoom so we can all meditate together in sync! This is a test so please give some grace and understanding. There might be some hiccups along the way!

Last, you said you had said you need hope. I’m with you on this which is why it’s so important for us to come together to meditate and be in community. I often find hope in the interactions I have with folks as well as when I get the opportunity to meditate alongside others.

I hope to see you there on the zoom call.



Please see updated details here:

Tues & Fri Weekly Live Gatherings

24 thoughts on “What we’re doing about Coronavirus

  1. Julio this is so great. THANK YOU. YOU can not mess this up. Be you, and we see how genuine you are. I look forward to this and shared it on facebook.

    Muchisma Gracias, Gieselle, Afro Latina in Charlotte,NC

  2. Hello- Is it okay for Asians to join in on the meditations during this time? I know that Liberate is shifting to serve Black and/or of the African Diaspora but I did notice that there will be teachers of other POC groups. Just wanted to check first. In any case thank you and keep up the amazing work. With love.

  3. Julio! Thank you for giving so much of yourself, here, today at our meeting and for all the work you do. You rock!

  4. Hi Julio,

    Just found liberate app and its giving me life during this time. Curious, I’m mixed race (black/white) and read as white sometimes and other times read as a mixture of other races and ethnicities.

    Curious if it’s okay if I join as I do not plan to take up a lot of space. I do identify as mixed race/have the experience of being mixed race, but also I completely respect if this space isn’t meant for folks who are white-passing or read as white at all!

    Thank you so much 🙏🏼

    1. DL, please do join. This is a space for all BIPOC (including mixed) thank you so much!!!! I appreciate the inquiry.

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